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Cancer patient receives a 3D-printed jaw


Abigail Watson/Indiana University
If you lose your lower jaw to cancer, you don't have many options for prosthetics. At that size, traditional clay is so heavy and unwieldy that you can only wear it for a few hours at a time. Indiana University's Dr. Travis Bellicchi and team have developed a much better alternative, though. He recently gave tongue cancer patient Shirley Anderson a 3D-printed jaw after losing his natural jaw to the side effects of radiation treatments. The digitally-modeled piece is not only much lighter, but far more natural-looking — the creators could create more natural borders and account for fine details like skin pores. The result is good enough that Anderson could comfortably wear the prosthesis in public without drawing significant attention.

Crucially, the technique is already paying dividends beyond Anderson. A man who lost an ear to an industrial accident got a natural-looking replacement just 6 weeks later, and there are five other patients who've received 3D-printed prosthetics. There may well be a time in the near future where the technology regularly helps patients restore missing features.




Cancer patient fitted with 3D printed artificial jaw

Telegraph.co.uk – ‎Jul 2, 2016‎
Surgeons have used 3D printing techniques to manufacture an artificial jaw for a cancer survivor. The use of the technology was pioneered by Travis Bellicchi, a resident at the Indiana University School of Dentistry and it has transformed the life of 

3D-printed jaw for a cancer patient

Deccan Chronicle – ‎7 hours ago‎
Though not something new, there have been instances where medical researchers are printing body parts and organs using 3D printers. In a new case, Form Labs has changed the life of Shirley Anderson, who was suffering from cancer and lost his jaw to the …

Cancer Survivor Gets 3D-Printed Jaw

Fortune – ‎22 hours ago‎
… 3D modeling and printing to produce remarkably lifelike facial prosthetics faster than traditional methods. The showcase patient for the process is Shirley Anderson, who was first diagnosed withcancer on his tongue in 1998. Radiation treatments 

Cancer Survivor Receives Jaw Thanks to New 3D Printing Technique

Gizmodo – ‎Jul 2, 2016‎
According to Formlabs, a digital model of Anderson's face was created to capture bone detail, so that researchers could test a much lighter prosthesis for their patient. The results are pretty astounding. We've known about similar techniques, including 


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